Pre – Primary One Preparatory

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Time flies really Fast!

You baby is going to Primary One next year!

I am sure you must be really excited and nervous at the same time!

I was, too!


I was very worried on my child’s education. It will be a TOTALLY different environment for School and Studying.

I wasn’t sure if my child can adapt well especially in socialising because they will be seeing new friends and teachers. I was WORRIED if they take longer to adapt, it would mean it might affect their studies too.

So to minimise the problem, I started teaching my kids some basic syllabus so that they have some preparation. At least, they can be sure while trying to adapt to the new timing and situation, their study is not much affected.

It can be quite stressful for a child in transition from Preschool to Primary School, to get used to the new environment soonest. While trying to adapt to the new school environment some kids are seen struggling, trying to adapt to the new education system, which requires fast learning, school activities and tons of homework.

You gotta beat the system!

Prepare you child early. It will help to boost your child’s confidence while trying to adapt to the new school environment. At least you know that your child is ready for learning but just need a bit more time to get use to the new school. Rather than watching your child struggle to cope with school and study, right?

So wait no more!

Prepare your child early!

Successful children are those who are given the opportunity to learn the soonest possible!

Enrol your child in our Preparatory Programme Today!

Programme is for 6 MONTHS Only!

Your child will learn:
– English
– Pre Maths
– Bahasa Melayu

  • Fees is $400 for 8 Lessons per month.
  • Lesson is twice a week at student’s house.
  • Lesson is 1 hour per day.

Upon coming down to sign the contract with us, you will have to pay
– Registration Fees (Non Refundable)
–  Material fees
– First Month fees

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