Madrasah Entrance Test Preparatory Programme

madrasah entrance test preparatory

Attention All Preschool Parents!

Are you planning to send your child to a FULL TIME MADRASAH school?

Is your child still unable to READ ALL 3 LANGUAGES?

Imagine  this :

Your child being able to READ and you are preparing your child for the MADRASAH ENTRANCE TEST!

Read on to discover how your child can quickly and easily prepare for the MADRASAH ENTRANCE TEST

I still remember when my eldest daughter was 5 years old and was unable to read. I was very worried and sad as she was not coping well in class. She became very quiet and timid as her confidence level started to fade. She knew she was incompetent compared to her classmates who could read ENGLISH, BAHASA MELAYU and ARABIC fluently. As she was unable to READ fluently, it also affects her Mathematics skills which includes Story Sums. I was devastated to see her in that state. Like other parents, I wanted so much to prepare her for the Madrasah Entrance Test and see her schooling in one of the Full Time Madrasahs and the only way to prepare her for the Test is to prepare her in READING.


Imagine your child being able to read in all 3 Languages and is prepared for the Madrasah Entrance Test.

Now you can…and all you have to do is to enrol your child in my MADRASAH ENTRANCE TEST PREPARATORY Programme!

I was at my wits-end trying to find fast solution for my daughter. I was so stressed. My daughter started to withdraw from socialising. She was not a happy girl in class anymore. She became very quiet and reserved. She did not want to participate in class discussion. She started to feel stress whenever I got her to do some Revision for the test.  I was feeling hopeless and very lost. But then, I discovered an Easy yet Fast technique to teach my daughter to read and prepare her for the test in less time…and she was well-prepared for the Madrasah Entrance Test. She passed the test and NOW, ALL my 3 Children are in the MADRASAH SCHOOL!

You’ve probably read tons of sales letter that tells you they have the secrets of PREPARING your child for the Madrasah Entrance Test. But do you know who’s putting those programmes out? Fat Marketers! And that’s why this programme is different.

I’m a certified professional phonics trainer and educator with 18 years of experience. Go ahead and look around- you won’t find another Madrasah Entrance Test Preparatory programme that will deliver results just like mine!


Your child being able to read in less than 12 months and you are just in time to prepare your child for MADRASAH ENTRANCE TEST. You’ll discover a proven way which allows your child to read in as early as 10 months!

This programme worked for my kids and my students and I guarantee you too will be able to quickly and easily see your child progress in reading…

You’ll find out how to make your child master the skills in reading and getting ready for the test in as little as 10 months!


You heard it right!

Here’s a lighting-fast, simple way to get your child reading-it’s as easy as painting-by-the-numbers!

And if you are lucky enough, your child will be reading for as early as 5 hours!

Sign up now, because the sooner you do, the sooner your child will start reading and preparing for the Madrasah Entrance Test – like a breeze!


If your child is totally not reading at the end of the programme, the programme is FREE!


You don’t have to say YES today. You don’t even have to send ANY money!

Simply fill up the form below and we will contact you to find out which programme suits your child!

If you love it- and I’m sure you will- then do nothing and we will invoice you for the programme.

Your child will be reading and be prepared for the Madrasah Entrance Test in no time!

Here are more photos and screenshots from parents.



Isn’t it time your child learn to read and prepare for the Madrasah Entrance Test?

If you hesitate today, your child is missing an opportunity to learn reading and prepare for the Madrasah Entrance Test.  And everyday, your child is not undergoing this programme is a day of missed opportunity and lost of time. Get started now by filling up the form below.

P.S: If you leave this page now, other children will get this opportunity to read and prepare for the Madrasah Entrance Test – and you’ll be the one stuck looking at their pictures and pretending you’re happy for them…

P.S.S: We will also provide a FREE reading assessment for your child!

Isn’t it YOUR turn to see you child reading?

*Our programme is a 1-on-1 home tutoring where we go over to student’s house to teach*

*Our programme is suitable for K1 and above ONLY*

More Students are benefiting from us each day and gotten into the FULL TIME MADRASAH!

Isn’t it your turn to see your Child READING and STUDYING IN THE MADRASAH?

YES!! I want to enrol my child!

Your child will learn:



– 3 Letter Blending
-Double and Triple Consonant Blending
– Phonogram


– 2 Sukukata
– 3 Sukukata
– Diftong
-Vokal Berganda
– Konsonan Bergabung

– Recognition of Hijaiyah Letters
– Read with Shakl – Fathah, Kasra, Dhommah, Fathatain, Kasratain, Dhommatain
– Recognition of Joined Letters
– Vocabulary


-Number up to 1000
-Four Maths Operations

  • Fees is $400 for 8 Lessons per month.
  • Lesson is twice a week at student’s house.
  • Lesson is 1 hour per day.

To enrol, you need to register and make payment for:

  • Registration Fees  (Non- Refundable)
  • Materials Fees
  • First Month Fees

Fill up the Online Form Here.